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"Great services, handles insurance claims without issues, and I haven't had an issue. I've been a patient since they first opened and continue to go back. For elective procedures they quote it and they don't pressure you to move forward with it." ~ Anonymous

"Dr. Ed is my dentist here in St. Charles, IL and I wouldn't trust anyone else with my teeth. They do not ever overbook, so you will not be waiting for hours for your appointment. If you are not a fan of dentists (like me), you should definitely check out St. Charles Family Dentistry!" ~ Kim W.

"I had a previous history of sleep apnea (tried a CPAP machine but couldn't tolerate it) and recently developed extreme pain in the right side of my jaw.  I knew I had symptoms of TMJ but ignored them until the pain became so extreme that it extended into my ear canal.  I was referred to Dr. Lynn Lipskis by my own dentist and approached the appointment with skepticism.

I received a thorough exam from Dr. Lipskis and Angela, her assistant, which included an extensive medical history, numerous x-rays and several diagnostic tests which revealed issues related to sleep apnea and TMJ.  Dr. Lipskis recommended a program which included the use of day and night mouthpiece appliances.

Within days of receiving the appliances, I also began to receive relief from the pain and the benefit of a longer period of very restful sleep.  The treatment of the TMJ and sleep apnea was extremely effective and the pain was completely gone within 2-3 months.  I no longer use the daytime appliance, but continue to use the nighttime appliance while sleeping.  

I am very satisfied with the treatment I received from Dr. Lipskis and her staff.  All personnel were extremely knowledgeable and treated me like I was a patient of many years.  The office hours were convenient and readily available.  The staff also worked with my insurance companies to ensure maximum coverage.    

The treatment program was expensive when compared to typical dental treatments, however, I felt it was reasonable based on the almost immediate pain relief I received and the continued benefits of a good nights sleep.  Thanks to Dr. Lipskis and her staff for the excellent care I received." ~ Chuck D. 

"I did not know what to expect as I entered the office of Dr. Lipskis. This was a new experience. I was greeted warmly; everyone at St. Charles Family Dentistry was extremely professional and kind. I would highly recommend St. Charles Family Dentistry!" ~ Francis C. 

"Thank you so much for accommodating me this evening. I am convinced that you are a genius! Thank you for restoring my front tooth so quickly, effectively and aesthetically perfect... and as a "temporary" fix to boot! Thank you so much for your relaxed manner, practical focus, and empathy." ~ Vicki H.

"Thank you Thank you Thank you! Bravo and my complete endorsement. As a former dentist chicken, I wanted to say thank you." ~  Kathy G. 

These folks are GREAT!!! I hadn't been to the dentist in years, and I found myself in dreadful pain. I gave them a call and not only were they able to see me in a few hours, but they took care of my immediate problem and set me up to take care of the rest of my issues. Dr. Krysta is just super, and abated all my fears. I have to actually say my visit was enjoyable. Dr. Ed is also very friendly and helpful. A great all around staff, that will take care of you. ~ Fred R.

I have been going to St. Charles Family Dentistry for nearly 20 years. They take great care of my family's teeth!! They are always on time, which I really appreciate because we are a busy family. The few times I have had to have something more than a cleaning done, they dealt with my anxiety and it was relatively painless. ~ Stefany M.

My family & I have been patients of St. Charles Family Dentistry & Dr. Lipskis for 21+ years. The staff at the front desk and throughout the entire place is always friendly, helpful and caring. I continue to be impressed by them! For as long as I have been going there, I see the same faces on staff and enjoy the same comfort level as a patient knowing that there is a consistent practice being run. Dr. Lipskis always continues to recommend the best care that fits my needs at any given time. Last week I had the opportunity to meet the new dentist on staff. I found her to be very professional and intelligent. She had a very comforting way about her from a patient perspective. I liked her very much and enjoyed my visit to the dentist as always. I highly recommend St. Charles Family Dentistry to all. ~ Judy J.

We found Dr Lipskis by way of a neighbor recommendation and I couldn't be happier. Having moved from another state, finding a dentist can be challenging but St Charles Family Dentistry is top notch! The dental methods are very smart and make even our children comfortable. The assistants are always friendly and knowledgeable and the front desk welcomes us with smiles every time.Thanks! ~ Sheryl T.

My wife and I had been searching for a new dentist for some time. When my tooth chipped unexpectedly, I researched most of the local dentists and found great reviews about St. Charles Family Dentistry. The receptionists were very helpful and scheduled me as soon as possible. The Dentist took the time to listen to my concerns and addressed all of my immediate needs. I was seen right away and each person I met was very friendly and professional. I was in and out of the dentist quickly, and my tooth felt great when they were done. When is the last time you came home from the dentist and told your spouse how great an experience the new dentist was. It happened to me. ~ Nate J.

Our family have been patients at St. Charles Family Dentistry for over 10 years. A gentle touch, great dental work, fantastic staff, up to the moment dental technology. Best dentists we've ever had! ~ Liisa L.