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By St. Charles Family Dentistry
February 24, 2017
Category: Oral Health
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Your general dentist is concerned with your overall dental health. One question you’ll likely hear when you go in for a visit is “are you flossingflossing?” That’s because flossing is an important part of keeping all of your teeth rooted and healthy for a lifetime. Learn why flossing is just as important as brushing in between your dentist appointments at St. Charles Family Dentistry in St. Charles, IL.

Concerns About Gum Disease
Gum disease affects as many as 47% of Americans. It is a dental issue that is often responsible for tooth loss when it isn't treated in its early stages (gingivitis). At its advanced stages (periodontitis), the gums begin to bleed, become tender and eventually recede from the teeth. This happens when food and sugar particles gather around the gumline for long periods of time, creating a haven for bad bacteria. Many Americans would avoid gum disease altogether if they'd only commit to flossing every night to remove leftover food.

Why Is Flossing Important?
Every time you eat, food and liquid matter can become lodged around the base of your teeth. You can’t always reach it with a standard toothbrush. The longer that matter stays there, the more likely that plaque will develop, which eventually turns into hardened calculus that only your St. Charles general dentist can completely remove. The harmful bacteria in calculus begins to irritate and inflame the gums, resulting in gum disease. In short, flossing is important because it helps you keep your teeth.

How to Floss Properly
When flossing, unravel a long piece of thread so that you can properly clean each quadrant of the mouth. Gently pull the floss upward from the base of the gumline between each tooth, paying attention to each surface. Try to avoid using the same part of the floss on different parts of the mouth to avoid transferring particles (which may contain bacteria) to other places.

Flossing is Important and So Are Regular Dental Visits
Flossing is one crucial part of a complete at-home oral care routine. In addition to flossing and brushing regularly, the American Dental Association recommends regular dental visits at intervals suggested by your general dentist. Call (630) 377-3131 today to schedule an appointment at St. Charles Family Dentistry in St. Charles, IL. It’s a family dentistry that’s committed to making a “profound positive impact upon people’s lives.”