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By St. Charles Family Dentistry, Ltd.
June 18, 2015
Category: Oral Health
Tags: Tooth Decay  

Tooth DecayPatients often ignore the onset and effects of tooth decay until it becomes painful to eat or talk. Tooth replacements are readily available if necessary, but there are additional serious health consequences that can come with untreated tooth decay. The best solution is to see a dentist at St. Charles Family Dentistry, Ltd. for regular checkups to spot potential problems and to understand more about the potential effects of tooth decay besides tooth loss.

About Tooth Decay
Tooth decay is a condition that develops over time when a patient doesn’t prioritize good dental health and care. Harmful bacteria compromise either the outer enamel of a tooth or the gum line and can cause a bad infection to form. Common symptoms of tooth decay are cavities (holes in the enamel), a bad taste in the mouth, bad breath and severe pain or sensitivity in or around a tooth. Without proper and prompt treatment by your St. Charles dentist, tooth decay can lead to tooth loss.

Studies on Tooth Decay
Many people assume that the worst case scenario of ignoring tooth decay is that the tooth will have to be extracted and replaced, but there are other concerns that you should be aware of. Studies have linked tooth problems with more serious health conditions, including Alzheimer’s, pancreatic cancer and heart disease. Researchers have found that an infection that grows in the mouth can spread to other areas of the body, triggering these other health problems.

Preventing Tooth Decay
Besides getting treatment (cleanings, cavity fillings, root canals and periodontal surgery when necessary), the best solution for tooth decay is prevention. You can prevent tooth problems by making brushing and flossing a daily habit. Bad bacteria feed on food particles and liquids, so they should be promptly removed after eating. It’s also important to get professional cleanings and exams at the dentist’s office every six months to catch and resolve potential problems.

Call Dr. Lipskis
Tooth decay is not a dental issue that should be ignored—especially with new research showing that untreated infections can cause other health problems. Call St. Charles Family Dentistry, Ltd. at (630) 377-3131 today to set up an exam with a dentist. It’s important to identify and treat tooth decay in its earliest stages.