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By St. Charles Family Dentistry
September 23, 2014
Category: Dental Procedures
Tags: Dental Implants  
Dental Implants ImageMany of you know the procedure and benefits of getting dental implants, but what about after the procedure? Dr. Lipskis has some post-operative instructions for St. Charles patients who have recently had dental implants, or are getting implants in the future. We want to ensure that your recovery is as comfortable and easy as possible.

Usual Instructions After Dental Surgery

While there are many topics to discuss, we want you to be familiar with some general rules of thumb after your dental surgery.
If a temporary tooth was placed, do not bite on the tooth the day of completion. Please be sure to call us if anything seems out of place, such as the cover of a screw falling out or a healing abutment.

Post-Operative Expectations

Since dental implants are surgically placed in your mouth, there will be some recovery involved. Listed here are some things you need to know after the restorative procedure:
  • Slight discomfort. We can recommend a non-steroidal, anti-inflammatory medication to get rid of any discomfort that you may feel right after the restorative procedure.
  • Diet. Staying hydrated is very important after surgery. Try to avoid hot liquids. Soft foods can be eaten if you feel comfortable with it.
  • Dental appointments. Please make sure to attend all follow-up appointments so we can check the progress of healing gum tissue and address any possible concerns you may have.
For more information on dental implants and what you can expect during and after the procedure, contact our office today at (630) 377-3131. Also for a list of what our dentist offers, check out our services page.
Have you ever had a dental implant procedure? We would love to hear your about your experience and any tips you may have!