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By St. Charles Family Dentistry
October 23, 2014
Category: Orthodontics
Tags: Braces   Mouth Guard  
We understand that you probably find braces to be less than exciting, but it’s necessary to treat spacing and bite issues. This is the road you must take for a confident and healthy smile. To help you along the way, you need these three things.

Braces Image#1: Floss: Reaches Between the Spaces of Your Braces

A toothbrush is important, but floss is vital to your oral health. Braces require extra attention because food and bacteria find their way behind brackets, wire and between teeth. A toothbrush can’t do all of the work. You need floss to clean the hard-to-reach places.
Keeping teeth clean of food particles and bacteria reduces the risk of cavities and deep tooth stains.

#2: Soft Food: Delicious, Nutritious and Easy on the Brackets

Soft food is recommended for an orthodontic patient during certain points of treatment. Why? The point of wearing braces is to shift the teeth into the desired alignment. Along the way we need to adjust and tighten the wire/brackets to ensure treatment time stays on track.
After getting braces adjusted, your teeth may feel different. At those times, it’s easier to chew soft food, and it puts less pressure on the already shifting teeth.
You can still enjoy hard food, such as vegetables and fruit, but it’s safer to cut them up into smaller pieces.

#3: Mouth Guard: Protect Your Orthodontic Device

This is recommended for the physically active braces wearers. If you like playing contact sports, it’s important you put your gear on—all of your gear. This means you need to get a mouth guard. It helps protect your braces and teeth.

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