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Posts for: January, 2015

Hookahs are water pipes that combine tobacco with various flavors. The hookah itself closely resembles a musical instrument combined with a candlestick. It has a water bowl, body, head and a hose that connects to the water bowl. Hookahs have grown in popularity over the past few years, due to the popular belief that smoking hookahs have negligible negative effect on your health next to cigarettes, and the fact that they can be used socially in hookah bars.

Why Smoking is Dangerous to Your Oral Health:

Oral Health

All in good fun? Not likely. Your St. Charles dentist wants you to know that all forms of smoking are dangerous to your health, no matter how they are marketed to you. Hookah smoking actually carries the same carcinogenic risks as cigarette smoking, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. In addition to inhaling the carcinogens found in tobacco, hookah smoke also contains benzene. This is because benzene is found in the charcoal in the hookah bowl that ignites the bowl’s tobacco mixture.

Benzene is associated with increased risk for leukemia and cancers. The compound is also present in car exhaust fumes.

In addition to smoking a hookah at hookah bars, new products are being released using hookah smoke and flavors. These include steam stones and electronic hookah pens. Currently, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention do not have information as to the dangers of these products. However, they still contain potentially harmful carcinogens.

Hookah smoking is of particular concern because of its popularity with young people. An estimated 22 to 40 percent of college students have used a hookah in the past year, according to the CDC. Early hookah use could contribute to a greater risk for cancer, including oral cancers, later on in life.

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At our St. Charles’ dentists’ office, we not only keep your teeth clean, we also work to prevent and detect oral cancers. By reducing your possibly cancer-causing behaviors, including cigarette and hookah smoking, you can protect your oral health.

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