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Posts for: December, 2014

By St. Charles Family Dentistry
December 29, 2014
Category: Dental Procedures
BracesHave you ever wondered if you might need braces? If you are unhappy with your smile or are suffering from a jaw misalignment, you could be a candidate for braces. But did you know there are actually many different types of orthodontic treatment? If you have been thinking about seeking treatment for your dental issues, read more to learn about this common procedure.

Do You Need Orthodontic Treatment?

Most candidates for orthodontic treatment have moderate to severe dental problems, such as abnormal bites, misalignment, or overcrowding. These conditions can be caused by a number of childhood habits, but are often the result of genetic inheritance.
The only way to know definitively that you need orthodontic treatment is to talk with your dentist at St. Charles Family Dentistry, Ltd. If you do indeed require treatment, they will be able to run through the various treatment plans available and help you decide which is right for you.

Types of Orthodontic Treatment

Over the years, technology has significantly improved the comfort and aesthetic quality of orthodontic devices. Braces are usually made of lightweight metals or plastic, and there are several different types of braces, all designed for various methods of adjustment and appearance:
  • Metal braces
  • Ceramic braces
  • Clear braces
  • Lingual braces
  • Invisalign
Retainers and headgear help ensure the success of braces. These devices can be utilized during or after treatment. Retainers keep teeth from shifting back into misaligned positions once treatment has been completed. When you talk to your doctor at St Charles Family Dentistry, Ltd. about your orthodontic options, be sure to also ask about a post-treatment plan.
To learn more about orthodontic treatment in the St. Charles, IL area, call (630) 377-3131 to make an appointment today!

By St. Charles Family Dentistry
December 29, 2014
Category: Oral Health
Tags: Orthodontics  

This holiday season you’ll be exposed to more food and delicious treats than you can handle. Everything from pumpkin pie to sugarplums is being advertised. But if you’re wearing braces, you have to take certain precautions to protect your braces and preserve good oral health. Keep these tips in mind this holiday season from St. Charles orthodontics Dr. Lynn Lipskis, DDS.

Use a Straw
One way to protect your braces is to make it a point to drink beverages (especially sugary ones like egg nog) with a straw instead of Bracessipping. This will minimize the contact those beverages have with your braces and teeth. Also, whenever possible drink food as a liquid or eat soft foods instead of hard solids. For instance, try apple sauce for dessert instead of having a slice of holiday pie or biting into a hard apple.

Clean and Floss More than Usual
To proactively avoid damage to your braces during the holiday season, be more diligent about cleaning and flossing. Whereas before you may have brushed twice a day and flossed once, at this time of year it’s wise to increase the frequency of your dental maintenance. Keep your brush and flossing tool handy throughout the day so that you can do a quick clean up. Make sure you get plenty of flossing brushes from St. Charles orthodontics Dr. Lynn Lipskis, DDS at your next braces appointment—these brushes make it easier to get in between the metal brackets.

Minimize Acidic Foods
With so many items on the menu at holiday dinners, it can be difficult to stick to a diet that’s good for your braces and teeth. Just remember this: avoid acidic foods like tomatoes, soda and beef as much as possible. Acidic foods wear on your tooth enamel and can weaken the bond between your braces and teeth. Find a chart online that compares acidic versus alkaline foods, print it and hang it on your refrigerator as a reminder.

Check Braces Daily
It’s important that you take the time each morning to check your braces thoroughly. If you see anything that looks concerning, call St. Charles orthodontics Dr. Lipskis to make an appointment as soon as possible before the holidays to have it corrected. You can reach her online at http://www.stcharlesdentist.com or by calling (630) 377-3131 to request a time to come in.