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Posts for: April, 2014

By St. Charles Family Dentistry
April 17, 2014
Category: Damon
Tags: Orthodontics  
We know what you might be thinking—did Matt Damon produce a braces line?  Okay, maybe that’s just our attempt at a bad joke, but on to more important news, our office provides the Damon Orthodontic System.
What is Damon Braces?
  • It’s a revolutionary braces system that standards are comfort and convenience.
  • Smile about these Damon Braces benefits:
  • Damon Braces are self-litigating, which means elastic and/or metal “ties” are not involved in the treatment
  • Shape-memory wires shift teeth fast
  • Fewer adjustments, fewer appointments
  • Damon Braces focus on alignment and facial esthetics, which means there is less of a need for tooth extractions or a palatal expander
  • Helps patients achieve a straighter and natural 10-tooth smile
  • No metal “ties” makes it easier to clean teeth and braces, removing more plaque bacteria
The Damon System truly differs from traditional braces with the use of a slide mechanism to stabilize the wire, allowing for faster and more comfortable teeth alignment.
Your smile is a part of your identity. If you identify with Damon Braces, St. Charles orthodontic treatment can be discussed during a consultation and exam.
Close to 2 million people are sporting Damon Braces. Are you ready to be one of those millions? For orthodontics in St. Charles, call St. Charles Family Dentistry at (630) 377-3131.